Old Year’s Resolutions

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In January of this year, I made a New Year, New Me? post containing 25 New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve accomplished most of them and I’d like to share my personal year-in-review with you on the last day of 2015… stay tuned for some new resolutions in January :)


1. This year I resolve to reach out to more of my friends that I don’t spend enough time with – whether it’s planning a coffee date and actually going, or realizing that my friend from work is totally willing to take a pole fitness class with me and go.

I can honestly say that I did! I made more coffee dates, I went to more fitness classes with co-workers and roommates. I’ve returned to Drexel Dance Ensemble as an alumni and reconnected with dance friends – all in all, I’ve had a social 2015.

2. This year I resolve to be less wasteful and eat more leftovers.

2015 was the year of the meal-planning. I’ve eaten so many leftovers this year, and although I still make mistakes and order an entire pizza and order of mozz sticks from Not Just Pizza at 10 p.m. on a random Wednesday, I’m getting better.

3. This year I resolve to continue to not settle. If I’m not happy, I’ll make a change.

A lot of major things changed in 2015 – namely my house and my job. I started with a new company in April, and I moved in with my boyfriend and his band in May (despite all of the Wendy/Lost Boys jokes). To say that I’m happier now is an understatement.

4. This year I resolve to try new things.

I tried some new stuff this year. I tried faux fur and kimonos (loving both). I tried flight layovers and have concluded that while I understand that they are a necessary evil – I hate them. I drove by myself across the border to Ottawa this year and took some beautiful sight seeing detours on the way. I did some fitness instagram challenges, and I booked my first cruise.

5. This year I resolve to improve existing friendships, stop pursuing toxic ones, and make a few new ones.

You know, I no longer believe in toxic friendships. I’ve definitely improved existing ones, and I’ve made a lot of new ones, but any “friendship” that is “toxic” just isn’t.

6. This year I resolve to minimize my possessions.

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I can definitely say it changed my life and wardrobe. When I moved in May, I took stock of all of my possessions and donated/consigned a good 50% of them. I haven’t looked back and am planning another “tidy-ing” in the Spring.

7. This year I resolve to get into the best shape of my life and stay there.

While I’m still not in better shape than I was at 15 in ABT’s summer intensive – I’m in good shape. I dance as much as possible, I’m a more regular Yogi, and I’m mid-challenge with Ploome’s Black Tie Bonanza. I feel better, I sleep better, and I look better. What more can you ask for?

8. This year I resolve to save gas and my environmental impact by walking and taking public transit as much as possible.

I recently got a fitbit and am attempting the 10,000 steps a day rule (mostly failing). I take public transit more often and while I’m still working on this one – I do think there was improvement in 2015.

9. This year I resolve to use Amazon Prime for more movies, and to try to shop locally rather than instantly gratifying with an Amazon order.

I’m all about Prime. I do not know if I’ve gotten much better at this – but I DID limit my online clothing shopping and took advantage of  Philadelphia’s Old City Shopping.

10. This year I resolve to fail more, learn from those failures, and turn them into positives.

There are so many things I could single-out from this year, but I won’t. We’ll just say that I am continually becoming a better person through my numerous mini-failures.

11. This year I resolve to become better at my job and more involved in the industry.

So it’s funny, because I loved my last job. I thought I would be there for a long time. However – I got a call in April of this year. Another company in my industry found me, sought me out, and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s a larger company and I’m learning so much so quickly. I cannot concisely say how lucky I am career-wise.

12. This year I resolve to pay off debt, save for a trip, and still enjoy life!

So I didn’t pay off all my debt, but I am going on my first cruise in 2016, and I have a debt pay-off budget now – so there’s that.

13. This year I resolve to surround myself with positive people so that I myself can become a more positive person.

This year I started a project involving female artists in Philadelphia (more on that soon). I must say that 2015 has probably been the most inspiring year of my life, and I owe it to the inspiring and awesome women that I’ve been surrounded by.

14. This year I resolve to do more things alone, whether it’s yoga classes or a vacation.

I spent more time alone in 2015 than I ever have before. Traveling for work gives you a lot of alone time. I’ve enjoyed it immensely – it’s given me more confidence and given me a new knack for making conversation with strangers. You never know who you will meet.

15. This year I resolve to do more silly things, to laugh more, and to smile.

Ask the boyfriend, he will tell you that I am a HUGE dork, think I’m hilarious, and my dimples are always around.

16. This year I resolve to focus on taking care of my skin and not worrying as much about this month’s makeup trends. I’ll be sticking with the classics.

Done & done. Give me a spray of Chanel, a swipe of deep plum MAC lipstick, and a single coating of Maybelline mascara any day of the week.

17. This year I resolve to stay hydrated.

2015 was the year of the water bottles for me. I’ve gone through so many and am still looking for the perfect one for me. In this quest for water vessel fashion I have kept myself pretty hydrated and my skin is thanking me for it.

18. This year I resolve to stop caring as much about what other people think and do my own thing.

I have made a conscious effort this year to not care about others’ opinions as much. I don’t dwell in guilt over cancelling plans anymore. No one wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t want to be there. When I wanted to do something – I just did it.

19. This year I resolve to stop stressing to be so “together,” and realize that everything is going to be okay because life has a funny tendency to go on.

I am so. not. together. However, several friends recently have asked me what my secret to being so together is. I’ve beaten the system! No, but really – I am not perfect. Neither are you, and we are all still gonna be okay.

20. This year I resolve to read more and make it even more of a habit.

I will be sharing a list soon with my top reads right now.

21. This year I resolve to dance more, to find my center, and to find my soul at the barre (barre with an “re” so as not to confuse with the bar ☺).

This year I went from teaching one ballet class a week to two classes a week to performing in an Alumni piece at Drexel to choreographing my own piece for a showcase that I am also producing to choreographing for a dance film. I’m also now serving on a board of directors for a company and house-managing shows for dancers that I have previously (and still) fan-girl over. Soul=found.

22. This year I resolve to be nice to everyone I meet, because you never know what opportunities are out there and who could help you out in the future!

I’m the poster child for being nice to people and getting amazing work opportunities. From my day-career to my dance-career, I am a lucky girl, and I know it’s mostly due to my network of friends and professional contacts.

23. This year I resolve to continue to love truly, madly, and deeply, even when he annoys the sh&!t out of me.

I never thought it was possible to wake up every single day loving the person next to you more than the day before. I believe that there is at least one soul-mate out there for everyone, and I firmly believe that I have found mine. He’s the best. Sappy love paragraph over.

24. This year I resolve to cross my first ocean and go back across the border to Canada.

Haven’t quite crossed the ocean – but have booked plans to in 2016. I did go to Canada, and have been to 27 US states as of 2015. We’ll see what my new total is next December.

25. This year I resolve to relax my OCD planning just a bit, and go with the flow.

I have gone with the flow a lot this year. I still get anxious. I still need to have a plan most of the time. I have realized, however, the beauty in having no plans. I relax more now, and I’m happier for it.