A Quick Food Tour of Portland, Maine

Posted by on Oct 14, 2015 in Curiosities, Destination, Editorial, Photography | No Comments


I was recently in Portland, Maine for a quick work trip and didn’t have time for much else than working and eating and sleeping. Therefore, all I can really tell you about Portland is a couple fantastic places to eat and drink.

My first evening I ate dinner at the Olive Garden. The bartender, female vocalist for The Jumpoff, told me that I absolutely had to go to J’s Oysters the next evening. The oysters were perfection, and I didn’t have much of an appetite after I ate 20 of them, but all of the other seafood looked fantastic as well. Understated, the restaurant sits right on the water and boasts wallet-rejoicing prices.



After dinner, I tried out $3 Dewey’s for a few drinks. They were your typical pub, but the interior was fantastic, the conversation was great, and the bartender didn’t kick me out after it closed at 11 but rather asked questions about my trip, and gave me a couple suggestions on other bars that were open later.


The next morning, I headed over to The Standard Bakery for morning buns. They are TO. DIE. FOR. I will be making the eight hour trip back to Maine just for them. Soon.

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