Draft Latte? Yes Please.

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As a novice coffee-drinker, I only started to appreciate cold-brews last summer. The rest of the world, however, has been at it for a while now. All of the best coffee shops around the country have been finding creative ways to experiment with the classic caffeinated drink. Last summer there was a coffee tonic, and this summer I got my first Stumptown’s nitro cold brew. The latest (and in my opinion the best so far) trend comes from the mind of coffee pro Todd Carmichael at La Colombe.

Earlier this summer, the coffeehouse began serving the Draft Latte. It’s basically a typical cold brew on tap, except there’s frothy microfoam milk involved, which changes the game entirely. The textured milk is combined with cold-brew coffee, and the mixture is served cold, on draft. This nixes the need to pour in milk after the fact, and the result is more like a foamy latte than just iced coffee with milk.

So far, the Draft Latte is available only at certain La Colombe locations in Philadelphia and New York, but it will be available nationwide no later than early August.

Oh, and it’s also going to be available in a can.

I’m going to turn off the Sylvan Esso record and head over to get one now.