American Ballet Theatre’s Giselle

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Loren McFalls_Giselle_June_2014_1

Giselle has always been my favorite story ballet. Whether it is because Giselle was the first professional story ballet I performed in, or if the man-hating Willies will always have a special place in my broken middle-schooler heart, one can only guess.

Loren McFalls_Giselle_June_2014_2

My boyfriend, who by the way, is the best, took me to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City to see American Ballet Theatre perform this year. After I geeked out over the George Balanchine street sign we went in and I was speechless. It was beautiful. I texted my friend Cassandra to tell her good luck (she was a villager and a willie), and we found our seats.

Loren McFalls_Giselle_June_2014_3

To say that the performance was breathtaking would be an understatement. I was living in a magical bubble for the duration of the evening. It was everything I hoped for and more, but the best part was sharing an intimate part of myself with the man I love.

Can you tell which one of these villagers is me? ;)


Photo of Cassandra Trenary credited to Ballerina Project