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oysters-loren mcfalls

I like to think of the world as my oyster. Not only because oysters are delicious, but because if you cultivate your life enough, the universe will give back everything you put in. Every new opportunity in life teaches me a new skill, or allows me to find out something new about myself, lending to that journey to my pearl.

Every now and again something happens that makes me question everything: my worth, my intellect, and all of my life choices leading up to that point. I’ve been putting out a TON of positive energy and so many things have simply fell into my lap that it’s getting harder and harder to believe in pure coincidence.

1. The Visionworks guy rang me up wrong, realized, and told me not to worry about the $30 for a new contacts prescription.
2. The dentist told me that my mom’s insurance magically works now – even though my dental coverage stopped (or so I thought?) when I graduated.
3. I got asked to go to Hershey, PA for a promo event – making money in the month we don’t normally work AND getting to go on an amazing road trip that ended in a trip to Bruster’s Ice Cream with one of my best friends.
4. A dance studio called and asked me to sub for 4 hours that I submitted my resume to forever ago.
5. I’ve gotten some AMAZING job leads, and now the waiting game can begin.

Serendipity and John Cusack aside, I think there is something going on here. Things are looking up, and I finally have the opportunity to actually find what I love and stick with it instead of finding something I like and working there for a year before looking for something better.

Something better I shall find.