Trampoline Poetry

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Trampoline Poetry

Limbs are tentatively sprawled out across an emerald sea
Each single green strand pointed and sharp to the touch
Poking at the soft spot under a rib and itching for hours afterwards
It is a foreign feeling for one so unaccustomed to nature

The blue light wanes as shadows grow longer
Heat fades as the heavenly ball of light lowers
Behind majestic statues holding secrets of years past
And perhaps the foreshadowings of years to come
If only they were blessed with the gift of speech as in Tolkein’s epic tale.

Bubbling and giggling, life’s drink runs past
The small splash of a jumping fish causes frightened birds to fly
The wandering stream quickly flows in from places unknown
And its watery contents, after colliding with rocks, continue on their journey
Speaking in marine tongues and basking in lavish glory
Chirps and twitters are expelled from various wildlife along the banks
Filling its ears until the being is lulled into slumber beneath a young willow

A howl from man’s best friend awakens
Darkness has spread across the oasis in which an eternity could be spent
An eternity of peace and prolonged happiness
A thought provoked on an otherwise spotless mind:

It is better to have caught a glimpse of paradise, however brief
Before returning to the hectic life in a city that never sleeps?