Chesapeake Bay

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This past weekend I took a mini vacation to the Chesapeake Bay to fulfill a KickStarter incentive from Modern Colour. I went to North East, a small town located in rural Cecil County, Maryland. The town gets its name because it is located at the mouth of the North East River that feeds into the Bay. The main street through North East is very quaint with lots of little shops and boutiques (It’s great for antiquing and vintage finds!).

Upon arrival, I immediately went down to the beach to go kayaking! I held the beer while we guided  through the choppy lake water, and when we arrived at the beach, I passed out in the kayak with the water spiders until the rest of the boys found us.


After kayaking, everyone got ready for dinner. Scott Calhoun, a 3-star Michelin Chef from Osteria in Philadelphia started getting the first course together (an heirloom tomato salad).


And then the candlit dinner ensued:


A glimpse of the sunset in between courses:


And a bonfire to end out the evening, complete with a set list of acoustic melodies:


After a fantastic escape from reality, it was back to the work week. Everyone was sad to go, especially Scott’s rottie, Cali!